«Toronto City Landscape»

City Landscape DarkRoast Digital (Windsor Canada)

Horus Warriors

Horus Warriors Character Designs, Personal Series.

«Christmas Characters»

Christmas Characters Expreso Newspaper (Sonora, Mex.)


«Cachirulo» Teatro Fantstico, Fantasy Drawings.

«Tiger Fights»

«Tiger Fights» Fantasy Illustration, Personal Series.

Bushrangers Characters

Brave Ben Hall. «Australian convicts». Canberra, Australia. 

Illustrations For Playboy Magazine México

Illustration For Playboy Magazine México (Jan. 2018 Issue.)

At the restaurant

Editorial Illustrations published by Mural newspaper and other magazines from Grupo Reforma in Guadalajara Mxico.


Commissioned by Mural «Club Fashion Magazine» (Grupo Reforma) in Guadalajara Mx.