Genetical Monsters

Character Designs for Moi Magazine. (México)  

Japanese Gods

Japanese mythological Gods Designs for an Animated Short (Dartmouth, Canada)

Character Designs Royal Australian Mint

Convict Era Character Designs for «The Australian Royal Mint» Canberra, Australia. 

Bushrangers Characters

Characters Designs for historical didactic material «The Australian Royal Mint». (Canberra, Australia)

Greek Gods

Greek Mythology Characters, Internet Article (California U.S.)

«Modern Classics»

«Modern Classics» Music Today Learning British (Columbia, Canada)

Djoon Poster Artwork

Djoon Club Poster Artwork Illustration, (Paris, France.)

Illustrations for Playboy Magazine México

Illustration for Playboy Magazine México (Jul. 2017 Issue.)

«Musical Demons»

«Musical Demons» Personal Artwork.


Poster Illustration / Personal Series Fan Art.

«Triplets of Sound»

Triplets of sound Personal Artwork illustration.

Meriesel Paizo Publishing

Meriesel Paizo Publishing, Character Entry.

«Toronto City Landscape»

City Landscape DarkRoast Digital (Windsor Canada)

Horus Warriors

Horus Warriors Character Designs, Personal Series.

«Christmas Characters»

Christmas Characters Expreso Newspaper (Sonora, Mex.)


«Cachirulo» Teatro Fantstico, Fantasy Drawings.

«Tiger Fights»

«Tiger Fights» Fantasy Illustration, Personal Series.


Saxophant, Fantasy Drawings.

Bushrangers Characters

Brave Ben Hall. «Australian convicts». Canberra, Australia.  Brave Ben Hall. «Australian convicts». Canberra, Australia.